Didgeridoo Art Projects

Didgeridoo art projects should serve to bring out your creative side. There are several options for creating art with your didgeridoo. You can paint, etch, burn or draw directly onto the surface of the instrument. You may also want to adorn the instrument with feathers or beads to create additional ornamentations on the instrument.


One way to decorate a didgeridoo for an art project is through the use of paints. Choose a theme, animal, or object and first sketch the image on the didgeridoo using a pencil. Once you are satisfied with the sketch, choose colors that work well on the didgeridoo. You can use oil paints to help create a luster and shine. For added definition, use a dark, preferably black color to outline the outside of your image. This helps to define the image and make it viewable over a larger distance.


Burned-in images are a great way to create images with an authentic look. Sketch your image onto the didgeridoo with a pencil so that you can erase mistakes if necessary. When you are satisfied that the sketch looks right, use a wood-burning pen to trace the sketch. This will make it possible for you to create an authentic burned-in look on your didgeridoo. Take your time selecting and sketching your image. Once you have started burning, you can’t correct mistakes.


Sand down the outside of the didgeridoo to make sure you have a smooth surface to work with. Using markers, begin drawing directly on the didgeridoo. If you are unsure of your abilities, start with a sketch and then color in the lines when it is finished. Drawing has the advantage of being very detailed and is a simple way to add interest to your didgeridoo. Avoid using a pencil for the final drawing since pencil can rub off fairly easily.


You may wish to create an etch in the side of your didgeridoo. If you have several varieties of chisels and experience using them, you can etch designs into the side of your instrument. You have to be extremely careful to avoid cutting through the hollow interior. However, once you have drawn the sketch of your etchings, the chiseling process will go much more smoothly. Sketch images of objects, or simply etch angular blocks and crevices into your didgeridoo.


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