How to Lip Sync

Knowing how to lip sync will make it possible to prerecord your concert and not have to worry about making mistakes in a live performance. It isn't too hard to learn to lip sync, but there are some special considerations and techniques that can make this a more enjoyable experience for you. Generally, professionals will avoid lip syncing, but sometimes, especially with complex electronic music, lip syncing should be considered as a viable option.

Breathe properly as if you were actually going to sing, from the diaphragm and out through the mouth. One of the biggest issues with those who lip sync is that they do not breathe correctly. Because they aren't actually singing they think this practice works. However, the audience will pick up on your lack of breathing and it will make the performance less believable.

Play a recording of the song you will lip sync too. Write down the lyrics and memorize those before doing anything else. You can memorize lyrics by writing the lyrics out several times, taking the information into smaller sections or by reciting the lyrics from a sheet and removing one word at a time.

Sing the song properly, by actually singing the lyrics and the notes. Memorize what it feels like to actually sing the music. Make sure you stay in rhythm with the music. You have to prepare to lip sync as if you were preparing to actually sing.

Practice singing without actually sounding the words. You should breathe properly and expel air from your lungs and mouth. Form each word by saying the words under your breath or by simply making the motions you would make if you were actually singing. Since you have practiced singing this song, you should be able to do this well.


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