What Are Acoustic Guitars Used For?

The acoustic guitar has six strings that each play a different series of pitches and have a unique timbre. Acoustic guitars serve several purposes and are used in various contexts, including classical, country, popular, jazz, and blues music. An acoustic guitar is an instrument that does not require external power to create sound. These instruments have a built-in chamber that serves to amplify and distribute the sound without the use of an amplifier. The acoustic guitar is capable of playing any style or genre of music. However, there are some styles in which the acoustic guitar is featured prominently.

Folk Music

Folk music uses acoustic guitars extensively. The music generally consists of flowing melodies that lie naturally in most vocal ranges. This music is typically easy for most people to sing and uses basic chords to back up the melody lines. Folk music uses a technique called finger-picking in which the guitarist quickly picks at the strings with a single finger. This technique creates a twangy sound as the strings bounce against the fretboard. 


Country music can be broken down loosely into both old and new country. Both styles of music make extensive use of the acoustic guitar. When you think of a country music star or see a picture, they are almost always sitting with their acoustic guitar. The guitar in country music often strums chords vigorously to support the lead singer and vocal lines. As with most performance music, country music also heavily uses the guitar as a visual prop. 


While the term classical can refer to a period of composers between 1750 and about 1830, there is also classical music with a lowercase "c." Classical music, in this context, is any music from the Renaissance to the modern period. In classical music, the guitar is featured prominently because of its ability to play in a fashion similar to the piano. Chords and melodies can be played simultaneously making the guitar an excellent solo or ensemble instrument for classical music. Agustín Barrios, Mauro Giuliani, and Sergei Orekhov are all composers who have written for classical acoustic guitar.


Mariachi music involves the use of upbeat rhythms and fast-moving melodies. Mariachi groups typically include small traveling groups of four to 12 people. The guitar plays a central role in mariachi music and often plays the lead and guides the ensemble. The ability to play chords makes it an ideal candidate to back up brass and string instruments in the ensemble. The guitar is well-suited to play mariachi music as it carries easily and provides texture and rhythm to the ensemble.

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